International security consulting requires a special set of skills, insights and resources.

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The cornerstone to any proper security consulting project is the preparation of an effective threat vulnerability assessment, Secure Pointe's risk-based analysis tool. The threat assessment provides the client with a clear understanding of the risk exposure, and the necessary steps required to mitigate or reduce the impact of the identified threats. 

Multi-phased projects require an understanding of the multiple levels of risk that the project faces (from both natural and human sources); and the detailed security plan required to reduce those risks and meet its business objectives.

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Our team of security consultants serves as a value-added resource for any company's head of security. When in-house resources are overcommitted to the management of day-to-day operations, our partnership approach delivers the necessary skill set, knowledge and subject-matter-expertise needed to function effectively. 

SPI conducts security audits for many corporate security departments, which address the specific threats to the company, verifies compliance, and ensures the safety and security of the company's personnel, assets and reputation. 

The essential deliverable is the audit report, providing the client with the necessary steps to implement corrective action where required.

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SPI has provided Project Security Management in some of the most difficult and challenging locations across the globe. Specific areas of expertise include the following:

  • Provision of Outsourced Full-Time Project Security Managers
  • Management of Security Operations in High-to-Extreme Risk Business Environments
  • Security Programs for the Protection of People, Assets and Reputation
  • Recruiting, Training, and Management of Local Security Teams
  • Project Security Management in Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Iraq, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela