Depending on the specific objectives of each case we work closely with In-House Counsel or as required with Outside Counsel. Our firm understands the different customs and cultures throughout Latin America. This allows us to provide the client with specific insights on how to best conduct business, and develop effective investigative case management strategies specific to the country or region. We have assisted counsel with conflict-of-interest cases, debt recovery, researching background on parties relevant to litigation, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance issues.

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Successful legal action often requires discovering information unobtainable through typical, open-source due diligence efforts. For this reason, our litigation support provides specific and precise information used either in an evidentiary process or as required. Especially in sensitive and international discovery efforts and in the intersections between conventional and cyber discovery, Secure Pointe has the resources and experience to help.

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We offer companies due diligence support in merger and acquisition cases, by profiling the lifestyle, finances and legal exposure of key executives, officers and directors. Best business, reputational and lifestyle checks of this nature are essential in Latin America, in order to understand exactly who you might be doing business with. Proper due diligence is also essential when hiring for a key corporate position. Our employee screening program includes lifestyle checks, asset tracing, and verification of background information.

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Fraud impacts both your bottom line and your reputation among customers and suppliers. What's more, losses can originate in-house, or from external factors such as criminal organizations. Our fraud investigation practice is built on case experience. We have worked with clients to recognize suspicious behavior patterns and indicators of internal business fraud. In cases where fraud has already occurred, we advise counsel and executives on the likelihood of asset recovery.