Risk Analysis

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Whether you are entering a challenging new market, or contending with a current security threat to an existing asset, SPI can help identify the risks to your business.


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We support legal and security professionals with litigation support, due diligence, fraud investigations, background checks, and regulatory compliance.

Security Consulting

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Our security services include program design and audit, personal security advice, and training for executives, families and employees in difficult environments.

Crisis Management

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Secure Pointe can prepare your Crisis Management team in the methodology to effectively manage an emergency response incident, to include kidnap for ransom and extortion.

Local Community Risk Management

Using our proprietary methodology and specially trained and selected consultants, we can help you avoid costly conflicts with local communities in the areas where you operate.

Special Services

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Secure Pointe can provide experienced consultants on a full-time basis to manage your in-country security program, as well as support a crisis response to an uninsured event.